My OnBase Planner is being retired in Q1 2021, and solution information made available in Hyland Community. Log into Community and follow the Help Center to be informed!
Click here for instructions on downloading your My OnBase Planner Roadmap.

My OnBase Planner is a tool to help you better understand the full benefits of the solutions your organization already has in place, what solutions are available to further streamline processes and to help you plan for expansion.

My OnBase Planner has two main components

Information Hub

My OnBase Planner provides an in-depth view of the proven, replicable solutions available in a logical and easy to navigate hub. For each solution, you have access to the information that helps you make intelligent decisions about the viability of each.

  • Extensive information on the solution
  • Supporting resources about the solution
  • Expected ROI factors to consider
  • Related solutions

Roadmap Tool

My OnBase Planner provides the tools to design a roadmap for future solution expansion. With the tool, you can build visual representations of your organization’s solution roadmap – for the near future or through the next five years.

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